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Can you accomplish the task in Waffle, the newest and toughest Wordle offshoot?

Players who enjoy word games are trying out Waffle, the newest Wordle substitute, which is much trickier than the typical Wordle game.

Sometimes one Wordle game per day is not enough for Wordle enthusiasts! Thankfully, there are several popular spin-off games that are similar to wordle but with somewhat different rules.

If you already enjoy Wordle but are ready for a more challenging test, you should give Waffle(opens in new tab)a try. It already has admirers all around the world who enjoy this difficult challenge. So, if you’re interested in participating, here is all the information you need to know on how to play.

The word puzzles in the waffle game must be finished in a predetermined amount of moves. Players must figure out how to place all of the letters in the right places within the given number of moves since the words are anagrams that have been scrambled.

Although there are 15 possible solutions, the puzzle can always be finished in just 10 moves. Like Wordle, the letters will become green when they are positioned correctly. If they are in the word, but in a different place, they will likewise turn yellow.

The terms usual, tamer, until, lathe, unmet, and large were the key to the puzzle on Wednesday, July 27.


Don’t worry if this game appears a little challenging. If you are searching for a new challenge after wordle, this is definitely a fun step up because it is a much easier game to learn through trial and error.

There are also several games that present a bit different challenge if you’re searching for something a little different. For those who consider themselves to be musical geniuses or who simply want to increase their understanding of music, Heardle is the ideal Wordle spin-off because it focuses on music. Another comparable offshoot that is ideal for movie lovers is called Moviedle. Players are tasked with identifying a movie based on a few excerpts from an arbitrary movie in this game.

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