SUMMARY: The unknown citizen about whom the poem

is written is the ordinary average citizen. He was a blameless man. None had ever lodged any complaint against him. There was no report against his conduct. He ws a perfect citizen who upheld the values of the society in which he lived in. Whatever he did was intended for the promotion of society or the nation. He had worked sincerely in the company named “Fudge Motors” retirement age. The management of the company became upto his satisfied with his sincerity and dutifulness. He was not a blackleg nor was he eccentric in is opinions. He was a regular member of his Trade Union. He was popular with is friends and liked wine. He read the newspaper daily. He never reacted against the advertisements in the newspaper. He was true to the policies of the company. He prossessed sound health. He supported the company’s instalment plan, and this system, he thought, would promote the sales of the company and bring to a modern man all that are needed to lead a comfortable life in the modern age. He had no firm opinion. His opinions changed from time to time. He was a father of five children. Eugenists admired him as being the father of five children which was the right number for the age. He never interfered with education.

2. “He worked in factory and never got fired”. a) Who is he’ referred to here? What is the name of the factory? b) What does the expression “never got fired” mean? Why was he “never got fired”?

Ans. a) “He” refers to the unknown citizen in Auden’s poem entitled “The Unknown Citizen”. The factory he worked is an imaginary factory. It was named “Fudge Motors Inc.” b) The expression “never got fired” means that the unknown citizen was never dismissed from service for dereliction of duty. He worked there sincerely and devotedly. He faithfully served his nation and never cared for his own liberty and happiness. His employers were satisfied with him for his incerity dutifulness and loyalty to his society and states. The poem is a pungent satire on the bureaucracy-ridden city in which the individual is reduced to a number. It chPresent on ironical picture of a model citizen in a modern d urban-industrial society. The unknown citizen who represents modern people in such society is shorn of all human dignity sad individuality. He is reduced to a number. He is described pursuits but in his acceptance of social norms and loyalty to saint, and his saintliness consists.

6. “He served the Greater Community.” a) Who is he’ referred to here? What do you understand by Greater Community”? b) How did serve the “Greater Community”?

Ans. a) ‘He’ refers to the unknown Citizen in Auden’s poem The Unknown Citizen”. The term “Greater Community” refers to the larger society or the state which tramples down individual liberty and unholds the supremacy of the state.

b) The Unkown Citizen lived and worked for his state. He I was reduced to a slave to the social norms and customs. He faithfully followed the dictates of the state. He was deprived fo his liberty and happiness. He was identified by only a number which is – indicative of the lack of individuality and liberty. He became detached from spiritual enlightment and the attached supreme importance to his material gains. He could not think anything beyond the periphery of the norms and customs of his state.

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