An old man, who was about 76 years old, lived in San Carlos. It was a small town in Spain. He was found sitting in dusty clothes by the roadside. He used to look after animals which he had in his village, but he had been forced to leave the village because of the shells fired by 2 the artillery. He could not bring his animals with him. He was thinking deeply about the uncertain fate of animals.

Writer was notice that an un-ending of transport, along the bridge with man and woman of all ages, was crossing a by bridge over the river. The soldiers were helping the carts over the dusty roads to cross the bridge. The spectacled old man sat there motionless, as he was extremely exhausted because of old age and long walk.

Writer was observe the advancement of the enemy soldier. He came to the old man and had an informal talk with him. The old man told him that he was an inhabitant of San Carlos. There he used to look after his tamed animals He was the last citizens to leave the village.

The writer looked at the delta of the river Ebro to determine how early the enemy soldiers would arrive. He asked the old man about the animals. The old man replied that he had two goats, a cat and four pairs of pigeons. He was not a family man and had no conncetion with politics. Leaving the animals behind he had to walk for twelve

kilometres to reach the bridge. The writer warned him a that was not a safe place to wait. The old man was told the the trucks were going towards Barcelona.

The old man was in deep thought about the anima he had left behind, as they would be helpless before the canno balls. The writer tried to console him with the words that, the pigeons would surely fly out of the cage, if it was not locked Then the old man thouht it useless to be anxious of his animal

The spectacled old man tried to stand up, but began t reel. He sat down upon the road again. The writer left him to his fate by thinking that, in the midst fo despair the old ma had the only consolation that the cat would somehow escape from the danger.

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