SUMMARY: When M.K Gandhi was practising law in South Africa, Rustomji, a Parsi, living in South Africa, was Gandhije’s client and co-worker. Gandhiji is now going to acquaint him with the reader. Rustomji had deep confidence in Gandhiji. He sought Gandhiji’s advice in all family affairs Even he did not hesitate to accept Gandhiji’s quack treatment when he fell ill.

Rustomji once fell in trouble. He had an export and import business He often imported goods from Bombay and Calcutta by smuggling. But he held it back from Gandhiji His involvement in smuggling had not been disclosed as he had friendly relation with customs officials. They trusted him so deeply that they did not check his imported goods. But one day his smuggling was exposed.

Rustomji rushed to Gandiji with fearful eyes and admitted to him that he was involved in smuggling He requested Gandhiji to save him from dishonour. He further told him that Gandhiji could alone save his fame and reputation from being maligned. Rustomiji was repentant for the guilt or crime he had committed. Gandhiji assured him that he would try his best to save him but first of all, he would have to confess his guilt.


Everything depended on God Enquiry revealed that Rustomiji had been involved in smuggling for a long time

But the amount in question involved a trifling sun Rustomiji’s counsel said that a Natal jury could acquit him of the charge. It was not a hopeless case Rustomji wanted to be counselled or guided by Gandhiji instead of his old lawyer.

Gandhiji wanted to meet both the customs officials and Attorney-General, as both of them had the power to prosecute Rustomji. But Gandhij also told Rustomjl to be prepared to go to jail as that would be a good penance for him. In Gandhiji’s view, imprisonment was not the true punishment for the crime he had committed. Rustomji promised not to be involved in smuggling in future, Rustomji told Gandhiji that his name and fame was ar stake but finally he surrendered himself to Gandhiji.

Gandhiji tried his best to persuade the customs officials not to bring the case to court. He also wrote to the Attorney General and then personally met him go that Rustom was not prosecuted in the court. The Attomey Genel was at last convinced and he admired God for his free did frank argaments.

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