double entendre

double entendre example What Distinguishes a Pun from a Double-Embrasure? Double entendre and pun both refer to several meanings. In actuality, the term “double entendre” comes from an old French idiom that means “double meaning.” Pun’s etymology is less certain, but it probably stems from the Italian puntiglio, which means “fine point, dispute.” A double … Read more

bane of my existence

the bane of my existence Meaning of “Bane of My Existence“ The colloquial expression “bane of my existence” denotes someone or something that you detest being around. It’s another way of saying that something or someone is your nemesis or arch adversary, and you would normally go to great lengths to avoid them or accomplish … Read more

jack of all trades master of none

jack of all trades master of none full quote “Jack of all trades, master of none” refers to a person who has dabbled in a variety of skills rather than developing proficiency by concentrating on one. The phrase “a jack of all crafts” refers to someone who is skilled in repair and has a wide … Read more

foh meaning

what does foh mean Definition of Foh Faugh can also be spelled as foh, which means to be disgusted. What someone may say if a drunk person puked in front of them is an illustration of foh. interjection.  

play it by ear

play it by ear meaning to decide how to deal with a situation as it develops, rather than acting according to plans made earlier: We can’t make a decision yet. Let’s just play it by ear. play it by ear or year